See the best of Lisbon on a city tour by sightseeing bus from city centre. Learn history on a Lisbon tour guided by video.

Board a unique Lisbon tour: Enjoy history on a sightseeing bus guided by video in 6 languages.

Discover a new lisbon city tour on a smaller sightseeing bus that shows you the best of Lisbon from city centre to Alfama and Belem. In 1h45m enjoy a unique lisbon tour guided by video. Learn history on a different panoramic lisbon tour on a touristic bus tour inspired in a caravel from the Age of Discoveries on sightseeing tour excursion with audio and video guided in your own language!

# Watch Lisbon history on video while seeing the best of lisbon top attractions on a 1h45m lisbon tour from city centre

# Lisbon city tour excursion with a unique circuit through Lisbon oldest neighborhoodsAlfama, Chiado and Belem

# Explore our interactive map with earphones and individual tablets on every seat on a multimedia Lisbon tour guided by video

# On a sightseeing bus tour inspired in a caravel from the Age of the Discoveries where Lisbon history and Portuguese culture are key

# Avoid queues on a more personal sightseeing tour. Relax, embrace Lisbon’s hospitality and get to know our captain and first mate by their names

Board the only Lisbon tour where you learn Lisbon history on video while seeing the best of Lisbon 

Discover Lisbon top attractions, culture and history on a unique city tour!

1h45m sightseeing lisbon tour. From Lisbon city centre – Baixa (downtown).

Lisbon city tour excursion, on a sightseeing bus tour, departing from city centre!

Available every day, every 2 hours, always in your own language! Choose one of the 6 languages available on our lisbon tour guided by audio and video: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

New Languages Caravel On Wheels. Portuguese round flag from Portugal. English round flag. Spanish round flag from Spain. French round flag from France. German round flag from Germany Deautshland. Italian round flag from Italy. Novas Linguas Caravel On Wheels. Português, Inglês, Espanhol, Francês, Alemão e Italiano. Bandeiras redondas.

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Prices: lisbon tour 1h45 on our sightseeing bus round trip from city centre.

 Special senior price and children price. Only 18€ seniors,  and 20€ adults, children 12€

Children under 2 years old are free and can sit on their parent’s lap. Children without the adult ticket: 14€.

Special programs and prices for groups in Lisbon. See our information here or inquire directly. Private groups, group sightseeing tours, school trips, etc.

City tour schedule: 1h45 Lisbon tour, available every day

Summer (April to September)

Sightseeing tour departing from 10am to 7pm*: 10am, 12am, 3pm, 7pm

Check other additional departures here.

Winter (October to March)

Tour departures at 9am; 11am; 2pm 4pm.

Online Booking. Instant Confirmation. After booking, meet our team and our sightseeing bus on our city centre stop, 10 minutes before departure.

See the best of lisbon! Discover our unique route through Lisbon top attractions and oldest neighbourhoods from Alfama to Belem on our caravel sightseeing bus tour. 

Alfama, Mouraria, Chiado, Baixa, Bairro Alto, Príncipe Real, Estrela, Alcântara and all the way to Belem!

See Lisbon best monuments, churches and many Lisbon museums along the way! Discover their history and culture on a unique lisbon tour guided by video and board on a city tour conveniently departing from city centre.

See Lisbon top attractions on our Lisbon city tour map!

Ideal for all ages: caravel on wheels is great for families and if you are in lisbon with children!

If you are coming to Lisbon with children they will love our sightseeing tour on our tour bus with individual tablets on every seat! They will learn Lisbon history through video and listen on our free earphones as we see the best of lisbon attractions.  This is a Lisbon activity in Lisbon children enjoy and learn, ideal for those who believe in learning while travelling.

Adults will be surprised by the depth of Lisbon history and discover many Lisbon secrets on a Lisbon excursion done by many Lisbon schools as a learning and field trip activity. 

Enjoy our special senior prices and children discounts in this sightseeing bus tour and remember great family moments in Lisbon taking many pictures with our fun captain hats.

Lisbon city tour from city centre: Our stop

Rua do Comércio, 148 – Caravel on Wheels Tour Stop

Right in Lisbon city centre – Baixa (Lisbon downtown area). A few meters away from the majestic and biggest Lisbon square – Praça do Comércio, also known as Terreiro do Paço.

By Metro/Subway: Exit in Baixa-Chiado (Green Line or Blue Line)

Staying Outside of Lisbon? See directions from Cascais or Sintra

If you have a car there is a car parking next to our stop at Praça do Município.

A new lisbon tour: Read Caravel on Wheels great reviews on tripadvisor

See what our customers say about us and link to Tripadvisor for any review you may help you decide. We would love to have you and show you the best of Lisbon and our history!

Best Tour Ever

February 2017, USA, Tripadvisor

“We took this tour not knowing what to expect from it and it was the best. Comfy and entertaining. Went all over the cities points of interest. Awesome ride.”

 Very Well Impressed!!!

March 2017, Tripadvisor

“Guided tour very well performed. Extremely relevant and interesting information. Kind and collaborative staff members. Thank you very much Caravel on Wheels. Keep up the good work!!”

“Brilliant tour, fantastic staff, loved It”

July 2016, UK, Tripadvisor

“I wouldn’t choose another bus tour!!!”

April 2017, Belgium, Tripadvisor

“I have three children (age 5, 10, 13) and this trip was excellent for the whole family. It truly kept us all engaged. Nobody was bored, we could hear and understand everything and we learned a ton. Usually the sound system is really terrible on these bus tours, but this was clear and easy to understand. Truly – I would never choose another tour – it is perfect for all ages. The bus driver and the guides were phenomenal and super kind. Skip the other busses that are more crowded and hectic and go for this one. Worth every single euro!” 

“Brilliant way to get an overview of Lisbon’s major highlights”

October 2016, UK, Tripadvisor

“We really enjoyed this 2 hour tour in a smallish open-top bus on a recent visit. The bus was small enough to get around the narrow old streets which are typical of Lisbon, (…) We would normally go for a hop-on/hop-off tour but chose this one after reading poor reviews for those. Very glad we did.”

lisbon shore excursion: special departure from Lisbon Port, on Lisbon cruise terminal

If you are arriving on a cruise ship in Lisbon and doing Lisbon in 1 day, see our 2h Lisbon shore excursion and embark on a sightseeing bus tour with a special pick-up from lisbon port. Available every day on cruise days, relax, book your seat and enjoy the best of lisbon on a tour where you avoid the cruise day crowds. See our Lisbon shore excursion here.